Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Montejo Brothers

Melcho (30), Zehlim (26), Pastor Sam (28)

We took this photo of the 3 Montejo brothers before they headed up north to the LTO Office (Land & Transportation Office) to  register our Tricycle (motorcycle with side car) and Melcho and Zehlim to get their student licenses. Pastor Sam was licensed awhile back, but as the mission needs grow and expand we would like to have more licensed drivers. They were so excited to head off and get their licenses, as it is a rare priviledge to get a driving license.

These three brothers have been a real blessing to us. Pastor Sam has been our "main man" since our arrival. He has helped us accomplish so much, in such a short time. He has helped us with everything from buying land to buying chickens and his translating expertise has been invaluable. His integrity and love for God have made him a blessing to serve with. He is our Filipino son!

Melcho is the oldest brother and we call him a "machine" or maybe a better way to describe him would be to call him the "energizer bunny". Whether he is clearing land, making charcoal or whatever we hire him to do, he does it with energy to spare. He is married to Jurinda, who keeps my house spic and span and they have three children. Daisey Mae (8), Hannah (5) and Mark (5 months).

Zehlim is another hard working brother. He married his child hood sweetheart Michelle this February and they are expecting their first child at the beginning of the year. Zehlim has worked with Richard on every construction project and has  become one of the lead workers. He  quickly grasps Richards' building designs and has been a real help in getting the other Filipino workers to understand what Daddy Rich wants!

We are currently living in Pastor Sam's house on the Montejo land while we wait to build our own house down the road on the land we purchased. We appreciate all the brothers support of ABBA Mission and it's endeavours.  People of integrity are the greatest assets one can have in a foreign land. We are grateful to God for each one of them, they are family. They have been a blessing to us and we pray that we are a blessing to them as well.

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