Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday to our son Calvin......

Calvin @ 3 years old, 1991.
Can it be that 23 years ago our third son Calvin was born? Time seems to fly by so fast and at other times it seems to drag so slowly. Like waiting for him to be born! He was about 8 days overdue and waiting for him to make his way into this world seemed to take forever. He was the first son I had at home and just when I thought it wasn't going to ever happen he 10 lbs., with a 14" head, it was no wonder he took so long! Calvin was such a sweet child, by far the calmest of the three. We had almost 5 years between Daren and him, so I really enjoyed being a mother again.

Time seemed to stand still on several occasions later in his life. In 2004 he had his appendix burst while visiting his grandparents in Burbank, Ca. He spent 8 days in the hospital only to fly home to Portland and be back in the hospital another 5 days with severe infection. During those days he was in the hospital his best friend Sam Visan, was in an automobile accident and was admitted to the same hospital. Calvin recovered after awhile, but his dear friend Sam went home to be with his Saviour leaving a huge hole in all our lives. Calvin joined the Oregon National Guard in 2008 and spent a year in Iraq in 2009. Just days before heading off to Iraq, Calvin's son Aaron was born and spent the first weeks of his life in NICU. Yes, those are the times that life seems to go so slow and yet it is during those times we readjust our priorities and we praise God that there is an eternity to be reunited with loved ones.

And now with 8,000 miles between us, it is impossible for us to celebrate together, but again we commit you to the hands of a loving Father this new year of your life. So happy birthday Calvin.....we are so glad the Lord loaned you to us and has preserved your life thus far. Happy 23rd!

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